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The idea to create my service was born from a desire to raise wellness consciousness to a place where the natural aspiration to feel well provides nourishment for our bodies, minds, future generations we are raising and our planet. My philosophies are based on ancient Ayurvedic principles that acknowledge an individual's unique constitution, as well as our connection to the natural world. Offerings are holistic in nature, with importance placed on removing the root cause of an imbalance, whilst also providing tools to reconnect with our inner guide so that we can heal deeply. It is my deepest desire to provide offerings that will empower the seekers to remember their compass through all stages of life, so they may take their wellness back into their own hands and find peace, harmony and balance. 

Creating the best programme to support you

I’m an emotional projector (in human design) and that means I am incredibly intuitive as well as good at working out the best systems and thinking outside the box in a holistic way. I used that in my teaching life to huge benefits for my pupils and my personal life and now I would like to use that strength to create the best programme to support you. 

I believe the holistic way is the only way

Everything in nature and in our bodies is connected, nothing works in isolation and therefore I believe a holistic way is the only way to achieve long-term results. Masking the symptoms, be they physical, emotional, energetic or psychological can only work for a certain period of time before resurfacing. I believe that combining coaching with other Eastern practices creates a beautiful support for our bodies, minds and souls. We are very cerebral in the West and the coaching element helps us move faster through the blockages and gain deeper awareness, whilst the other practices are life changing in their gentle and supportive way. They take time and are not quick fixes but you will feel the difference in your body or mind instantly and the more you work with them the quicker you see the changes you desire. 

It was like coming home

I now feel honoured to share this wisdom with those who also feel called to remember their true balances, healthy and harmonious nature.....because I deeply believe it's everyone's birthright to feel like that through all stages of life.

On my personal journey I found myself working full time with a long commute whilst raising two children and volunteering for a charity abroad. That was at the peak of trying to be everything for everyone and juggle all the balls in the air at the same time, hardly concentrating on my health and wellness. I was out of balance, running off fumes. Needless to say, my health suffered. I experienced almost all perimenopausal symptoms and early signs of diabetes, which I believe were caused by a chronic state of stress. But I was lucky as I had my Reiki and occasional breathwork and mantras to keep still intuitive and highly alert to all the changes in my body. I was determined to find balance, health, energy, vitality and wellness. To reconnect to myself. I did it through further Reiki training, bringing meditation and breathwork to my daily routine and falling in love with Ayurveda. It was like coming home. All the paths were already leading me there. I never thought such bliss and clarity were possible.


  • Health and Wellness Coach

  • Breathwork and Meditation facilitator

  • Reiki Master and Teacher

  • Ayurvedic health advisor

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