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Why holistic coaching?

I believe that in order to make a long lasting progress you need to shift the way you hold yourself back through the stories you tell yourself, your limiting beliefs and generational beliefs that are deeply stuck in our bodies. So embodiment techniques (such as Reiki and breathwork and meditation) are vital to get these results. It is a holistic journey.

 Life is so much easier when you have a guide, an ally, someone who will help you take stock, make plans and strategise. Perhaps you are ready to take responsibility for your health and wellness because the traditional routes took you nowhere. Perhaps you struggle with knowing where to start, how to join the dots or feel overwhelmed with all the information out there and need help to crystalise what to do. Perhaps you have tried to change things by yourself but you are not getting the results you wish for. Perhaps you have encountered health challenges and would like to process the changes and set realistic goals for the future.

I would love to help you optimise your wellness and help you return to the balance, harmony and peace that is possible for you. After the initial assessment, we will design a unique plan for you- because we are all unique.

If you like the idea of coaching but it is not the right time for you, please check out some of the retreats that use coaching methods. They will get you off to a good start. 


“Kasia is a calm, confident , caring and knowledgeable coach. I was like a safety pin- twised and closed up. I couldn't get out of the stressful pace of life and racing thoughts. Kasia’s calm and gentle coaching with added Reiki, breathing, meditation and journaling helped me discover what was holding me back. I found my inner strength and realised I can be in control of my life and wellness. I am now doing Ayurvedic reset with Kasia for my digestion and am loving every moment of it. I recommend Kasia wholeheartedly.”

Sue, Hertfordshire

Jane, Norfolk

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