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Come and experience the Ayurvedic wisdom with me.

Ayurveda is a science for living in harmony with nature  and one’s highest self, dating back thousands of years where it was passed down by the great sages of India. It is a holistic healing modality that recognises the individuality of a person's constitution, and looks to remove the cause of imbalance instead of just treating the symptom. This approach teaches the individual how to be self responsible for their health and wellbeing.

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  • ONLINE BEGINNERS CLASS - Monday 8.15 - 9pm
    £10 Drop in or £48 for 6 consecutive sessions (recordings available for missed sessions) In this class you will l earn the basics: calming breathing techniques and gentle introduction to meditation. Expect to feel calm and relaxed.
  • ONLINE IMPROVERS CLASS - Sunday 8.15 - 9pm
    £10 drop in or £48 for six consecutive sessions (recording of missed classes will be shared) This is just a guideline but this class is for those who have some experience Pranayama breathwork and can ideally hold their breath for the count of 4 and those who truly want to connect with their authentic selves. We will be going deeper into mantras and kriyas and using meditation to unlock our true potential. We will be using breathwork and meditation to work with the current lunar energies.
  • BREATHWORK 1:1 SESSIONS - Online / In-Person
    1:1 Breathwork 30 min £40 1:1 Breathwork with Reiki and/or Coaching 60 min £65 In these sessions, we can dive deeply into your specific needs: whether you want to feel more grounded, calmer, find your intuition, remove a block, feel more creative or energised. We can use the meditation to your individualised desires to work on any limiting beliefs, wounded energies, to help you move your business forward and keep growing. These sessions can be blended with Reiki or coaching.

“Kasia’s moon retreats are just brilliant. I love learning about Ayurveda. The way she explains the complex ideas is so accessible. The guided meditations are thought provoking, utter bliss and just so in tune with how I am feeling”.

Jane, Berkshire

Jane, Norfolk

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